7 Day Purification Program

Weaning off drug medication

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica, a virus in the muscles and was treated with a prednisone drug (Medrol) for two years.  In March this year my blood tests were clear of the virus and now I had to wean myself off the Medrol, which resulted in a breakout of a very itchy rash on my legs, leaving them hard and swollen and very cold.  I was exhausted, very swollen with water retention in my legs and a round face.  I had a bloated tummy and aching in my joints and muscles – a side effect of the Medrol which were weakening my adrenal glands.  I also have steroidal cataracts in my left eye and my vision was horribly impaired from the drug.

I started the 7 Day Purification Program last Saturday (24 May 2014) and by 27 May (3 days into the detox)…

1.       The rash on my skin is almost clear and my skin is soft and warm – not tight and cold – and not so itchy

2.       I am no longer tired in the morning when I wake up – I am fresh and energetic and I sleep like a baby – stopped the trepiline which I have been on for 2 years so was concerned I may be addicted and not able to sleep – well not so

3.       I can climb the stairs at work without feeling mortified that I even had to look at them

4.       No more burning tight feet when I go to bed at night – they used to ache and burn

5.       The bloated hard tummy has softened and reduced in size somewhat as well

6.       And I am not so stiff when I get up in the morning

7.       And no depression – I think it was just from the continuous ache

8.       Still a bit of aches and pain in the shoulder and neck area but it is manageable


Merlene Breytenbach, Johannesburg, South Africa

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