I’m Dr Joanne Pautz, a fitness fan, nutrition nut, aspiring yogi, calm in a storm, product developer, knowledge seeker and integrative wellness practitioner, working in Johannesburg, South Africa.  What a great ‘training ground’ this industrious city has been for my life’s work.  I began my healing journey at the age of 17 when I started with a full time, intensive Master’s Degree in Homeopathy.  After qualifying in 1998, I ventured to the UK and worked for Helios Pharmacy and the prestigious Regents College of Homeopathy, where I was promoted to Clinic Manager.  After three years I returned to Johannesburg and started a product line and retail website Concurrently I set up a consulting practice using homeopathy along with modalities such as: AcudetoxLife Alignment; Bio-resonance Devices; and later on partnering with DNAlysis for genetic testing and coaching. 

Over the past 5 years, Functional Medicine has influenced the way that I practice and I have now evolved to using Laboratory Testing and evidence-based nutraceuticals.  I am dedicated to finding health solutions for my patients in a holistic, goal orientated and supportive manner.  With my vast toolbox of healing modalities, knowledge and experience, along with my intuitive gift, I strive to educate patients so that they can transform their unhealthy patterns, we then work as a team to reverse their condition.

I have two magazine articles published and have appeared on “Real Health”, a television show, on one occasion speaking about “Detoxification” and another about “Insomnia”.  

Self-development is very important to me,  during my free time you may find me participating in a course such as the Breakthrough Experience, which I completed in 2019, or a Conscious Living Course, completed with the  Centre of Applied Jungian Studies in 2017/2018.  I am passionate about releasing old patterns which no longer serve me so that I can become a better being.

Forever expanding and empowering myself and others.