Qualifications & Experience

Dr Joanne completed a 6 year degree course in Homeopathy at Durban University of Technology. She qualified with her Masters Degree in Homeopathy in 1998 and is a Registered Homeopath with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.  Dr Joanne also belongs to The Homeopathic Association of South Africa. Travelling abroad for 3 years she attended seminars and lectures in her field, wherever possible. She worked for the prestigious Regents College of Homoeopathy in London and after 1 year was promoted to Clinic Manager. Dr Joanne has been practicing in Randburg, Johannesburg since 1998.

Dr Joanne became a Health Diplomat for the American Board of Anti-Ageing Health Practitioners upon the recommendation of the American Board and after completion of a written exam, as well as a favourable review of the diplomats credentials.  In 2020, she gained the title of a Fellow in Anti-Ageing Metabolic Medicine through the Metabolic Medical Institute and A4M and is currently completing her Fellowship in Anti-Ageing, Metabolic and Functional Medicine.